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ENGAGEMENT - What do I do with it?!

YAY! Big congrats on writing engaging content, such a great feeling isn't it? Once your followers start picking up what you're putting down, responding to that engagement is key. People like to feel acknowledged so always respond to comments and messages in a timely manner. Make sure you are commenting and liking with your business profileEven if you can't respond to a message for whatever reason, respond and thank them with a plan to get back to them ("I will respond by tomorrow evening...") that way they feel acknowledged and your responsiveness percentage stays high.

To Boost or Not to Boost: 

Organic reach (currently hitting a low of 0.02%) is getting less and less common so "paying to play" is become more of a trend, that doesn't mean that certain content can't hold its own without boosting. A few key things to remember, if you are alerting your clients of something, especially negative, like your email being down, or closing early that day...don't waste money to boost that post. You want to boost posts that are promoting your product/service, a launch, events, etc. The best time to boost is after your post has some engagement (1-2 hours), it will give your organic reach a boost.


Don't fall into the trap of posting what you like. It is vital to your online presence that you determine what your followers like. You can determine that through your analytics. Checking analytics should be a daily or every other day activity, this way you can tweak your content in real time. You can also figure out when you're specific followers are checking their social pages to better time when you are posting. 

Social media is such an incredible tool for your business and it is so cost effective! Make sure you are engaging with your customers, let them know just how much you appreciate them for the taking the time to engage with you!

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