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Planning Out Your Content

Nothing is more intimidating when it comes to your marketing plan as the actual content you want to share. No matter the industry, blogging and social media is a wonderful way to position yourself as an expert in your field, expand your SEO potential, and give your clients some tips regarding your profession. However, coming up with topics, writing content, and actually uploading your blog posts to multiple platforms is a bit overwhelming. Below are some tips on making that immense undertaking feel a smidge easier!

Make a timeline.

How often will you post? Twice a month, once a week...set a timeline for your posts. Be ultra realistic, it won't do you any good to come up with a timeline you can't stick with.

What is your message.

What exactly do you want to convey in your content? Is this strictly informational? Tutorial feel? Meant to show the humor/personality of your brand? All of the above? Determine exactly what you're intent is and that will help you with the next very important step!

Draft an outline of content. 

Now that that you have a timeline and the purpose behind your content, it is time to create an outline of topics you want to cover. Don't forget you can always break topics into series to extend the content, especially if your writing style is longer than usual. Example: if you plan on posting once a week, you could have 12 topics per year, with 4-5 mini series that pertain to that months' topic. That will also help with retention, if someone is very interested in that topic, they are more likely to come back and read your follow up pieces.

Write your socks off. 

I like to quickly run through the entire piece and just type away, ignoring typos and grammar errors. Then, I usually put it aside and move on to something else. When I come back to it I am in a different mindset and I go through and reread the entire piece to see if it is worth saving. Then, I fix mistakes, add/subtract, etc.. After the piece is "done", I typically give it one more 'walk away, then come back' before I officially declare it ready for the public eye.

Plan out images that go with the piece. 

This takes some time to craft, just like the actual writing. Images can make or break a well written article, so make sure the images are quality and relate to the piece. Don't shy way from creating your own images, just make sure they match your brand and look professional. Also, steer clear from copyrighted images, nobody's got time to be sued!

Schedule those puppies out.

I try to keep my content posts scheduled out at least 2 months in advance. This helps with any last minute issues that prevent you from launching a new piece (getting sick, death in the family, deadlines, etc..).

SHARE with the masses! 

Make sure you advertise your new post in all of your other channels; email, social media, etc.. Try to get as much exposure as possible, up engagement by requesting others to like and comment on your writing. Gaining a following can be a slow process, but you will get there! 

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